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We have been in the motor trade for 3 generations now and have been fortunate enough to see the effect emissions have had on the environment and how crucial it is to reduce these emissions.

We wanted to make a stand. We wanted to get involved and help the world our forefathers worked so hard to build. And thus, Powerhub was found.

Engines and everything surrounding engines are second nature to us and we took it upon ourselves to develop an EV charger that is not only smart, it is efficient, it is affordable, it is suitable for commercial and domestic use but best of all it is OLEV approved.

We have created a charger that is compatible with over 99% of vehicles. We not only expect to exceed our promises and become a well-known name in the EV charger industry, we also pride ourselves on providing a service that is best suited to your needs.

We are excited to be involved in the world of EV charging and we appeal for you to come on in and join our journey to a better world with lower emissions.© All Rights Reserved – 2021